Employee Spotlight

Sharing love and compassion is why Frida is pursuing her healthcare career. To her, it’s all about the relationships – especially with her “friends,” the residents at Warde.

Sonia wanted to be a nurse from before she could remember but as an LNA with four children, the cost was prohibitive. Then she found out about the Pathways scholarship.

The Pathways scholarship opened the door for Ashley to attend nursing school and her Warde “family” helped push her across the finish line.

Seeing nurses deliver compassionate care to her grandmother made a lasting impression on Summer. Now a nurse herself, thanks to the Pathways scholarship, she can deliver the same for the residents at Warde and bring peace of mind to their families.

What Warde Senior Living employees are saying:

“Without the support and encouragement from my teachers and peers, I wouldn’t be blessed with the wonderful job that I have at Warde Senior Living and making a difference in the residents’ lives. The offer great benefits and pay, and provide not only a rewarding career, but a family to work with everyday.”

– Cheryl Perkins, LNA

“I enjoy working here at Warde because I love caring for my residents and working with a great team of co-workers”.

– Cathy Rosen, LPN

“I like to work at Warde Rehab because I love my residents and the staff I work with”.

– Marie Walters, LNA

“I like working at Warde Rehab because I enjoy my teammates, my residents and the atmosphere.”

– Penny Gifford, LNA

“There has never been a day that I didn’t want to come to work.”

– Bernie Troncoso, Reception